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How to open a chat window from a pop-up or mobile app

We have a standard URL for cases where the chat window opens from a Pop-up or a mobile application. The structure is:[name]/[token]

The Name field will be replaced by the name of the Bot (optional) and the Token field by the Token of the window you want to open (mandatory). See also the article "How to get the channel token”.

Example of how the standard URL should look:

With Name:

Note: the name does not necessarily have to be the same as the bot's name. For compound names, space must be replaced by an underscore (_)

Without Name:

If you want to add the window as a webview and you are having problems, click here.

How to send user parameters in the standardized URL?

When adding the window from a standardized URL, you will have the option to send parameters to be set in the user. 

Normally, to request that the window be loaded into an embedded application, it is done in the following way:[name]/[token]

To assign new parameters to the user, you must add the following:[name]/[token]?user[parameter1]=Value1&user[parameter]=Value2

&: Symbol of separation between parameters

user: Must be sent before the parameter name

[parameter]: Name of the parameter

=Value: Parameter value

This way, the user will be getting the following parameters:



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