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Best practices for websites with Tag Manager

To have a better experience on the web, some users may use ad blockers such as AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, among others. They are plugins or add-ons that can be associated with different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc).

As its name suggests, its main objective is to block advertisements. However, ad blockers can block anything within a website.

If the bot is inserted through Tag Manager, these add-ons can also block and disable the bot, preventing users from seeing it and being able to resolve their queries through the tool.

A suggestion to avoid this problem is to add a plugin or solution on the web that is capable of detecting the presence of AdBlockers. If positive, show a message that suggests the user avoid the use of that browser extension since its use harms the experience that the website wants to propose to the client, such as you lose the possibility of having support from the bot.

Another way to avoid this, and ensure a complete customer experience, is to embed the bot without the Tag Manager. Here we show you how to do it.

Important: the use of ad blockers is a user’s decision, these are not mandatory and can be enabled or disabled at discretion. 

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