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Semantic engine: Best practices

With the implementation of the new understanding engine, it will be easier and faster to generate content for your Virtual Assistant and improve the effectiveness of your answers.

Here we share some tips that will be useful when uploading content:

- The ways of asking should be syntactically different but semantically similar. Meaning that the ways of asking should be real alternatives to the initially loaded intention. For example, if you create the intention "How do I apply for a mortgage loan?" instead of adding a very similar question such as "How do I apply for the mortgage loan?", try a different example but with the same intention behind it. For example: "I need to borrow money to buy a house" or "I want to buy a property and I can't afford it" etc.

- Test the content in the test chat to see how the loaded intention responds.

- It is important to make sure that the main intention is always among the ways to ask. Sometimes when making changes, words can be added or removed from the sentence, so the main intention must be added back to the ways to ask list.

- It is not necessary to change the order of the words in the question forms, just one alternative order is enough for the understanding of the bot.

- Unlike the previous engine, it is no longer necessary to define mandatory words or add synonyms for common words. The importance of each word is assigned automatically and according to the context.

- Use word unions only in case you need to add synonyms to a set of words such as "credit card", "slow down", etc.

- You still have the option of editing each word, that is, where the different meanings that belong to the bot's dictionary are displayed.

It has different types of possible evasions: 

  1. Questions with more than 15 words for which the bot did not identify an associated answer. 
  2. Texts with special characters and without words that give context to the question.  
  3. Messages that only include numbers.



Important: If your account was migrated from the old engine to the new one, in the "Edit word" section you will find both the meanings of the bot's dictionary and the meanings of your account that you have generated.

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