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What to do when the agent does not receive notification of a new session in Live?

The agent who has a new conversation will be alerted with a desktop notification (if the Live platform is open) with the image assigned to the customer (if any), the name and the message received.

Clicking on the notification will take the agent to the conversation. 

Besides Google Chrome, virtually all other web browsers where Live operates have this function. 



However, in some cases, the agent may not receive notification of the conversation. 

In this article we will present the reason why this happens, especially in the Google Chrome browser, where we identify more occurrences.

We know that Google Chrome is a very resource demanding browser. So, some time ago Google released a feature that after a certain amount of time of inactivity in a tab, Google Chrome itself starts to discard it. This causes the page to refresh or reload, as well as affecting chat notifications and most likely also our Live system to which it interprets that the agent is not logged in.

For the same reason, switching to online status can also happen automatically. For example, if an agent is on a break and goes back to the Live tab, the page reloads with the online status.

In contrast, there is a solution that allows you to disable this functionality for specific tabs, as you choose. To do this, in a new tab, type in your browser: chrome://discards/


In this screen, go to the 'Auto Discardable' column, then click on the word 'toggle. Click on this word for the tab that refers to Live not reloading the page for inactivity.


Important: This procedure must be done every time the agent opens a Live tab, because this configuration is not saved. That is, if the tab is closed, if the computer is turned off, if the browser is closed, etc., the setting returns to the default. At the beginning of each day, the agent should do as described above.

In addition, there is an extension that allows automatic tab discarding: Disable automatic tab discarding. However, if the computer the agent is using does not have enough RAM or the resources of your machine are scarce, this can be counterproductive as it can slow down the machine.

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