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The AgentBot platform includes the general dictionary that supplies knowledge to all the virtual assistants. In turn, your Bot has a private dictionary that incorporates all the meanings and definitions personalized to your business that are generated as you create content.


1.Variety of meanings

Check the meanings that AgentBot provides for each word. Keep in mind that AgentBot knows the synonyms for this meaning, so that you do not need to repeat these words in the other ways to ask. For example, the knowledge base of the word "buy" already includes the words purchase, obtain, acquire, get, etc., in all of the verb tenses and misspellings of each of these words. This means that when users express themselves in any of these forms, AgentBot understands their intention:

"I want to buy a car" and "I need to purchase an SUV" are the same for the understanding engine.

Within a Way to Ask, select the individual word and click "Edit word" to see the synonyms and the understanding capacity included in the word. 

Remember that the understanding engine has the capacity to understand various spellings and misspellings of words.

2. Meanings

We use the term meanings because of the multiple meanings and uses that a particular word can have depending on the context. This is different from a synonym, since these words have meanings that are either completely different or somewhat identical to the first word.

If more than one meaning exists, choose the one that best suits your virtual assistant (business/company) and makes the most sense in terms of the question you are creating.  For example, "Present"  has two meanings.  One is related to presentations and the other is related to gifts.  Click on the meanings offered and check which of the meanings is most appropriate for your question.

3. Meanings with different uses

If any one of the included meanings should not considered a synonym, because it has another meaning for your business, you can eliminate that meaning.  

For example, if it does not make sense that the word "Change" includes the word "Edit", because your use has a different meaning, you can eliminate that meaning.

Important: when you eliminate a meaning, it is eliminated for all of the words in your virtual assistant's dictionary. Along the same line, the word is still available to be used in other meanings.  

4. Missing Meanings

If you notice that a meaning is missing, you can add it. When you add a word, write the root form of the word (for example: buy) and wait for AgentBot to offer you that word from the general dictionary.  That way, you will include a word that already has a developed meaning, with all the included endings, forms and misspellings. Otherwise, you will create a new word that is empty (without knowledge) and will not include all the understanding that is typically included within words. Building a word with a new meaning (without a developed meaning) is not the first option: it is only advisable when the word has its own completely different meaning. If this is not your intention, choose words with developed meanings for your Bot.

If the word doesn't exist yet in the dictionary, then you should create the word and add it to where you see it is missing.

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