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Node Condition

What can I do with this node?

 This node allows you to condition the AgentBot session by selecting the name of the condition to apply with a simple selector.

How to test this flow?

 In order to test it you must first have conditions created for your bot. To create conditions, contact your CSM and request their creation.

 Then, you will need to choose the bot from the “Bot” selector. The bots you have access will be displayed here.

 If your bot already has conditions created, they will appear in the selector inside the condition node, so you can choose them, depending on the selected bot.

When the flow passes through this node, the session will be conditioned and then an intention will have a specific answer depending on the condition configured in the response.

 The variable {{sessionID}} refers to the ID of the conversation that is obtained at the exit of a “Step In” node, and can be found in the variable: "" to capture it and save it in a variable inside of msg, and thus be able to use this value later in the flow.

 How can I use this node?

 To use it, connect the node in the section of the flow where you want the conditioning to take place. When passing through there the session will be conditioned. Please note that you must configure the parameters seen in the section "How to test this flow?" , and if the operation is correct, you will be able to observe that the msg object will have the “Condition” property with the name and type of the condition set in the debug node.


Download the flow by clicking on this link.

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