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PDF add-on in Aivo Studio


The PDF node allows you to add a  PDF file in the conversation that can be viewed and downloaded later by the agentbot user.

How to use this node?

If the PDF node is being used, only the URL address of the file should be added to the  URL  field.

This URL resource must have the extension .pdf  or  .PDF.

Please note that embedded file viewers are not accepted, for example, a pdf file stored in Google Drive.

In addition, this  URL field could be loaded with a  parameter  from the integration variables. To do this,

you must fill the URL field with the following notation  {{my_parameter}}. This will insert the value that

contains  'my_parameter' inside the complement.

For example, we are going to insert the value of 'file_url' to the URL field of the PDF node

`msg.file_url = "";

return msg;`

Another way to use this plugin is to build a Function Node with the corresponding structure:



    "action": "file",

    "param": ""



Next, the value of the PDF file must be saved in a variable and then inserted into the complement structure.

Finally, we initialize an empty payload variable and assign the complete structure of the complement to it.

`msg.fileUrl = "";

const complementsButtons = [


        action: "file",

        param: msg.fileUrl



msg.payload = {};

msg.payload = {

    answer: "Ready! : thumbsup: There I sent you your last unique account summary",

    answer_clean: "Ready! : thumbsup: There I sent you your last unique account summary",

    complements: complementsButtons


return msg;`

How to test it?

An inject node must be placed before the PDF node. The latter must contain the URL in the corresponding field.


Download the flow by clicking on this link.

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