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Usage of the Buttons node in Aivo Studio

This flow will allow you to run the examples of each type of button available, so you can understand and then apply them when necessary.

Node parameters: (Only on Web)

Block Input

- When set to TRUE, 'Block Input' prevents the user from using the chat box, until one of the Buttons is selected.

One Choice

- When set to TRUE, 'One Choice' prevents the user from being able to select more than one Button.

Quick Replies

- When set to TRUE, 'Quick Reply' presents the buttons as quick suggestions.

Button types:

Next Step

- Allows dynamic flows, when a 'Next Step' button is selected, it calls the Integration associated with it.


- When a 'Message' button is selected, it calls the Intention associated with it.


- It's an old version of 'Message', both have the same behavior. However, it is recommended to use Message.


- Used only on Web to execute URLs. (On WhatsApp the "Answer" node can be used with the URL)

JS Button

- Allows us to input the JSON of the desired buttons directly, useful for generating dynamic buttons.

Interactive List

- Works as an options box, highly customizable. (WhatsApp Only)

How to test this flow?

The examples have an 'Inject' that mocks up the data received from a normal Integration call, so the results can be seen in the Debug tab.

How to apply this?

The 'Inject' node should be replaced by a 'Step-In' node that can be found in the 'Aivo Steps' category.

To select the newly created Integration on the AgentBot platform, you must use the Integration complement with a name similar to:



- When using a 'Next Step' button, the buttons' structure is changed:

- A 'Next Step' button has a "Label" -> "next_step" format;

- A 'Message/Link' button has a "Label" -> "type" -> "Value" format;

So, we cannot mix 'Next Step' buttons with buttons of other types. This does not apply to other types, for example "Message" and "Link", because they are interpreted in the same way.


Download the flow by clicking on this link.

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