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Inability to use the primary service (TOTAL collapse)

*Affects all the customers

- AgentBot: crash of Aivo’s web window or Aivo’s messaging API

- Live: does not allow the operator to receive messages and respond back to the user. No API response.

- Help: it is not possible to search or access articles. No API response.

Link to monitor Aivo's status and notifications:

First response time: < 1 hr

Resolution up to 6 hrs


Partial service unavailability critical management or integration

*Affects one or more customers

- When it is not possible to use any of the main functions on Aivo Platforms:

º Reports (do not work/API does not respond).

º Content Management

º User management

- Unusual general behavior of the web window that affects its basic function.

- Total or intermittent failure of integration with a system, which was functioning correctly and executing a fundamental function in the service (such as registration of leads, delivery of personal information to the user, etc.).

First response time: < 2 working hours

Resolution up to 8 working hours.

Resolution up to 16 hours in non-working hours (24x7 Integrations Support)


Specific operative failure. Minor incidents in platform or integrations

*Affects only one customer

- Erroneous or unusual behavior on the Aivo Platform that does not affect its main functions.

- Wrong or unusual behavior in particular cases.

- No particular report can be obtained.

- Particular incidents related to integration.

First response time: < 4 working hours

Resolution up to 5 working days.


Questions & Inquiries

*Affects only one customer

- General questions about the products.

- Questions about the use/management of the Aivo Platform.

- Aivo API Support.

- Inquiries/reports on integrations.

First response time: < 4 working hours

Answer up to 5 working days.


First response time: maximum time in which the incident is assigned to one of our analysts. The time counts from the moment the client communicates to Aivo.

Resolution time: maximum time for resolution or response. The time counts from the time the client communicates to Aivo. The customer must provide their cooperation if their systems, or third parties contracted that are involved in resolving the conflict, otherwise any delay will be taken into account when accounting for time.

Primary Service: service consumed by the end user (example: conversations in AgentBot, Live human support, access to Help articles, Voice telephone support) and the basic functions that allow the platforms’ functions to work properly.

Aivo Platforms: and, both pages should allow the use of basic reporting, content and user management functionalities.

Support methodology: it will always be remote.

Channels: any exchange or commitment made must be recorded in writing via email/ticket. Eventually, and if necessary, a telephone contact, Google Meet or Skype can be requested, leaving any agreement in writing.

New functionalities: Aivo does not guarantee the execution of a change order on the product or platforms outside the operational scope. Nor is it obliged to issue implementation dates. For this purpose, the company makes available a webspace for registration and monitoring of orders (via email). The person who adds or subscribes to an existing proposal will be notified in case it is approved.


- The 24x7 support of Integrations is applicable only for Blocker and High Critical Incidents related to any integration built by Aivo.

- When a customer contracts this type of support, they will be provided with a dedicated standby phone number for contact.

- The 24x7 Integrations support is a passive service, that is, it is activated once the client communicates with a designated person in standby.

- In case of the 24x7 Integrations support determines that the incident originated in the client’s system or of third parties, it will be provided the evidence of the case and proceed to close the incident.

- 24x7 Integrations Support does not apply to Integrations Selfservice.


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