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Can a chat session start with a default message?

An alternative to the Call to Action and welcome message you've set up for your chat window, is the ability to start the session with a default message.

This can be useful for a mailing campaign (sharing a link with your users), or to place on a landing page that is promoting your company's product or service. As a result, the window will open with the message you have selected.

It is important to clarify that nothing will be modified in your window or content, it is simply a different way to start the session and it is configured from the URL. 

To do this you must set your link as follows: url?send_message=

- After the equal sign (=), the message to be sent is placed. Remember that it has to be an intention previously loaded in the knowledge of your bot.

Keep in mind:

- If it is a single word, you just have to write it. For example "=message".

- If there are more words, put "%20" between each one. For example "=message%20with%20message%20words".

Let's look at an example of each case:

One-word intent

- Format link: url?send_message=word

- Example:

- Result:


Multi-Word Intent

- Format link: url?send_message=word%20word%20word

- Example:

- Result:


Important: In case you need to use special characters, we recommend this site:

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