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Do I need to adapt content for VOICE?

Keep in mind that, since this a voice channel, some of the elements you use to provide answers in the chat window will not be compatible.

Answer complements such as images or videos cannot be adapted to this channel. Therefore, we recommend that you review your answers and create new ones that work exclusively for VOICE. 

 - Find below some tips to help with this process:

 - Use short and clear answers without pausing.

 - If you use buttons, set up alternative answers without buttons for this channel.

 - If you include telephone numbers, we recommend adding spaces or dashes so that the number isn’t read out as a long sequence of individual digits. For example: 0 800 777 2810. Another option is to write the numbers: zero eight hundred seven seven seven twenty-eight ten.

 - When including a question within an answer, don’t forget to place the question mark at the end of the sentence to ensure correct intonation.

 - Unlike AgentBot, where grammar and spelling are important, phonetics in this channel become much more relevant. Even if a word might be spelled incorrectly, it is better to use spellings that result in the correct phonetic pronunciation, such as “Nico” instead of “Nikko”.

 - Do not use full stops. You can use periods for pauses and correct intonation.

 - When including a URL in an answer, it is important to write “triple w” instead of “www”. If the link contains a slash, it is necessary to write the word “slash" in the text. For example: should be written as “triple slash contact”. 

 - When using forms, keep in mind that each field within the form will be read out independently. In other words, when the Virtual Assistant requests a field such as "First and last name", the user must respond to that field first, before continuing with the next field, such as "Email”, until the entire form is completed.

 - You can add messages with special instructions whenever necessary. For example: "Please make your query as brief as possible,” or “Please speak a little slower," etc. When requesting numerical information, such as an ID or a telephone number, it is important to remember that numbers will only be recognized when they are not mixed with other elements; in other words, numbers should not be mixed with words. 

       - If a user answers, "My ID number is 33688434”, it will NOT be recognized.

       - If a user answers, "33688434”, it WILL be recognized.

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