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1. About Engage 

Engage is Aivo’s new tool to start conversations on WhatsApp Business Platform. With Engage companies can: 

● Create Marketing and Sales campaigns in just a few steps 

● Automate the sending of WhatsApp message templates 

● Connect with their global audiences 

● Simplify customer service 

● Interact in a modern and instant way using one of the most popular messagings platforms in the world 

2. The problem 

Companies want to connect with customers on the messaging channels they already use in their daily lives. WhatsApp is one of them, and for that reason, it is essential that brands are available to assist customers 24/7 and instantly through this app. But we are not only talking about the customer’s possibility to start a conversation with the company but also the company 

itself that can proactively contact people in specific cases: to offer relevant promotions, information about a product or service, the status update of a service, among other cases. 

In times of high demand, such as Black Friday or Christmas, connecting with customers and interacting in an open, natural and modern way on WhatsApp is even more important. Although companies must offer efficient customer service throughout the year, on these dates especially there are no margins to lose sales opportunities. For this reason, brands have to anticipate customer needs and contact the customer proactively. 

Many tools on the market require technical developments that take time and effort from the IT team. How to meet expectations around customer service in an agile way that does not require a large investment? 

3. The solution 

At Aivo we seek to simplify communication and improve customer satisfaction through simple, instant interactions, everywhere. 

This is how Engage was born: a marketing, sales and customer service tool for companies to communicate with their customers on WhatsApp Business Platform. It offers teams independence, control and self-management. Its simple interface allows anyone on any team to create a campaign, load numbers and parameters from a .CSV file, and launch messages instantly and automatically. In this way, companies can focus only on creating and sending the ideal messages for their clients and avoid managing the back-end, saving time and resources. 

4. Target Audience 

Engage adapts to any business size and industry. 

5. How it works 

To create a campaign and send message templates automatically to customers follow these 3 steps: 

Create a new campaign: add the name of the campaign, the number that will send the messages, and select the template you’ll use. You’ll be able to access a preview of the template. Another way to create a campaign is by cloning an existing one. This is ideal for speeding up the launch of frequent campaigns. 


Load the audience by importing a .CSV file: The platform checks that the numbers have the correct format and the parameters corresponding to the chosen message template. If there are errors, it informs the users so that they can correct and reload the audience. In addition, Engage provides the company with a downloadable template of the .CVS file to use as a guide when importing the file with the contact base.

Launch the campaign: The platform calculates the maximum value of the campaign based on the number of messages to be sent and the countries receiving the messages. Once the campaign has started, the tool will send the message templates to the detailed numbers. If all deliveries were successful, the campaign ends. 

If there are temporarily unavailable numbers, Engage keeps the campaign active for 24 hours to try to send the remaining messages. After that time, the campaign ends automatically. 

In both cases, at the end of the campaign the company gets the final value to be paid, which may be the same as the estimated or lower if some deliveries could not be completed. Once the final value is defined, we generate the payment through the chosen payment method. 


Users also get access to the list and details of each campaign. 


Engage focuses on one-to-many communications and applies to those cases in which the company needs to send messages to an entire base of contacts. 

Examples of use cases for Engage are: 

● Promote a new product or service 

● Service status updates 

● Collections (sending message templates to a general database of debtor customers) ● News and updates for a subscriber customer base 

● Offer an upgrade of a card or a new product/service in a bank 

● News about pricing 

*Talk to your CSM for more information about Engage.

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