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How can I delete a node?

When a node is created it appears as a button complement within an answer. When you are in an intention that is part of a dialogue flow you will find the dialogue flow diagram which will show you the sequence of the flow and the intentions that the nodes are linked to. To delete a node within a flow follow these simple steps:

1. Find the node you want to delete within the diagram and click on it to open up the intention editor. 

2. Click on the trashcan icon within the quick access buttons on the right of the intention’s name.

Important: if the node you want to delete is in the middle of a flow you can’t delete it, you must look at the flow diagram to see where the flow ends and delete from the end of the flow until you find the node you want to delete.

3. Go back to the intention which the node you deleted was linked to.

4. Edit the answer.

5. Go to the complements section of the answer.

6. There you will find the node as a button.

7. Click on the trashcan icon for the button to delete the node there also. Before deleting the node the system will ask for your confirmation as the action can’t be undone.

Important: When a node is deleted it will also be taken out of the dialogue flow diagram.

If you want to delete an entire dialogue flow you will still have to follow this process. There is no way to delete a whole flow at once.


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