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How can I manage the Knowledge section filters?

In the Knowledge section, you will see all the content that is uploaded to your virtual assistant. There are several filters available to find a specific intention or group of intentions. They are also useful to analyze, for example, the intentions with the highest number of interactions, those with negative feedback, etc.

You can apply the following filters:

- Date ranges: Results from the last 30 days will be displayed by default. You can change it by choosing a range of from/to dates or a specific date.

- Channel: Filters intentions by the support channel on which they are published.

- Tag: You can search for a specific tag and it will display all the intentions with that tag.

- Condition: If the bot has assigned conditions, you can search for groups that contain at least one answer with the selected condition.

- Feedback: Filters intentions by positive, negative or no feedback.

- Minimum and maximum interactions: Sorts intentions by the number of defined interactions. For example, all intentions with a minimum of 4 interactions (it will show those with 4 or more), or all intentions with a maximum of 10 interactions (it will show those with 10 or fewer).  

- Complements: You can easily find intentions that contain a specific answer tool. For example, search for all answers that use images. You can choose more than one and combine them in your search.

- Active: It allows you to filter intentions based on whether they are enabled or deactivated in the virtual assistant.

- Revision: This filter displays the intentions that are under review.

- Nested: This filter will display all the virtual assistant's nested intentions.

- Search: It allows you to search for keywords in both intentions and answers. Keep in mind that the search tool will also display intentions in which the keyword is associated to another meaning. For example, if you search for “buy”, it may show intentions that include the word “purchase” or “acquire”.


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