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How can I upload an image carousel?

To show your customers new products or different services of your business, you can use the Carousel tool. It is a gallery of images that link, through buttons, content uploaded to the bot or to useful links.

You can upload the images from your files and the supported formats are JPG or PNG.

On the complements tab, click on the “+Add” button. Once all the available options appear, select “Carousel”.  


Follow these steps:

1. Give the first slide of your Carousel a title.

Important: a title is required in order to be displayed on Facebook Messenger.

2. Select an image from your files (max 2MB).

3. In Buttons, click on “create”. It will open a box for editing.

4. Choose a Message or Link (new window, same window) type button.

5. Enter a name in the Button Text field. That is the name of your button.

6. In Value, write the intention for your content or the corresponding link.

Important: If the button is of type Message and the intention includes an emoji, it will not be allowed to add it in the value field. If that happens the Save button will not be enabled.

7. Click save.

Repeat these steps to add another item to your Carousel.

If you do not want to add buttons, your Carousel will only have images.

Important: If you choose a Message type button, it will link to an intention previously created in your content. The number of buttons per image is unlimited, but we suggest a maximum of three so it can adapt to Facebook Messenger.

undefinedImportant: The amount of slides you can add is unlimited on the web channel. But you should keep in mind the usability of the carousel you are creating. 

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