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How do I transfer a chat to the appropriate Zendesk department?

If you have different support departments in Zendesk, you can define which questions will be transferred to each department. For example: You can assign all questions that make reference to "Payments" to the "Accounting" department.

To do this, just add the Transfer tool to the answers. When you click on the tool, all Zendesk departments will be listed for you to select the one you want. 

Important: You must first create the Departments in Zendesk that you want to be able to transfer to and then edit your transfer from the Transfer Manager.

Also, for cases where the user doesn't specifically write the query to be transferred, default transfer rules will apply on the channel. In that case, the user will see a list of options and will be able to choose the available department to which he wishes to be transferred to.  

The default transfer rules are:

- Transfer after two consecutive evasive answers. 

- Transfer after two consecutive identical answers. 

In both cases, since we understand that the Assistant is not interpreting the user's query correctly, we transfer the user to an agent who can provide customized support.

Important: The chat widget always needs to be activated in Zendesk.

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