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How does the WhatsApp channel work with Positus

Integration with WhatsApp through Positus will allow you to connect your users with the Virtual Assistant in that channel and in turn make referrals to human agents if necessary. 

How do Complements work?

- Buttons: The buttons will be displayed as numbered options. 

Important: If a button leads to a link that opens in another page, the option will not be shown.

- Hyperlink: The answer of the bot is shown accompanied by the URL. In case the answer contains a link that leads to another intention, it will be shown below as a numbered option. 

- Image: The answer is shown and the image or images as a new message.

- Video: The answer is shown and below it the Youtube link.

- PDF: The answer is shown and in a new message the PDF file is opened allowing its download.

- Carousel: It does not keep the carousel format, but each image is sent in separate messages accompanied by the button's link.  

Important: If the button on the slide leads to another intention, the option will not be shown. 

- Assisted Navigation: The answer is shown, and as a new message the legend "click here" accompanied by the URL that, when clicked, opens in a new page.

- Embed page: The answer is sent, and in a new message the URL that opens in a new page.

- Webview: The answer is sent, and in a new message the URL that opens in a new page.

- Forms: The form fields are shown as questions as a call back. As each question is answered a new one is sent.

- Emoji: The bot will respond to emojis loaded within intentions. In case it is not loaded, it will answer with a Garbage type evasive.

Can the user attach files? 

If the user attaches images, GIF or PDF the bot will answer that it only supports messages in text format. 

On the other hand, if an audio is sent, the Bot will transcribe the message to text format and return a reply. 

Important: It can happen that when an audio is sent, an error occurs that prevents that audio can be converted to text, it will be seen as "Speech error".

After each interaction sent to the bot, when it is received, the two blue ticks will be marked (if the user has this configuration disabled from his cell phone, he won't see them). 

Important: This feature works with the bot, not with human agents. 

How does the Aivo Live referral work? 

Referrals will always be generated by rules as well as direct referral by response. 

Important: In the case of Aivo Live or Genesys the conversation with the human agent continues in the same window. With another type of integration, Zendesk for example, the referral is done through a URL that when clicked redirects to its platform to continue chatting with the human agent, in those cases it is not possible to send the history of the conversation made with the Virtual Assistant.

Both the agent and the client can send emojis or attached data (images, PDF, GIF), if the client sends an audio, the agent will receive it transcribed, in case of sending the location, the agent will receive it as a URL that when clicked will redirect it to Google Maps. In case the user attaches a contact, the agent will see the name of the contact followed by his phone number

Important: The Genesys Cloud platform does not support image exchange, if this type of file is sent, the URL of the image will be shown as a link for the agent to receive it.  

At the end of the conversation, the feedback request will be made by means of numbered options.

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