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How does the WhatsApp channel work with Smooch?

To be able to use WhatsApp as a customer support channel for your Virtual Assistant, you will need to use an intermediary called Zendesk Sunshine Conversations (ex Smooch). They will validate and approve your business with the phone numbers you wish to use, in addition to providing the infrastructure to maintain them.

When analyzing the content you want to be responded to on this channel, you must bear in mind that some answers should be adapted, as there are limitations on some of the complements and formats.

Delay: The messages sent through this channel may take up to 5 minutes to be received.

What changes will you need to make in your content for the WhatsApp channel?

First of all, if the text is bold, in italics, or underlined, it will not be seen that way in the WhatsApp window.

How do the complements look on the WhatsApp channel:

- Buttons: The buttons will be seen as numbered options so that the user selects the number of the chosen option. To guide the user you can write the indication in your answer, for example: "Write the number corresponding to your chosen option”

Important: If a button leads to a link, this option will not be displayed.

- Hyperlink: the AgentBot answer is shown along with the URL. If the answer contains a link that leads to another intention, the option will be numbered in a separate message.

- Image: the answer text will be shown (if it has one) and the image will be shown in a separate message below.

- Video: The answer text will be shown (if it has one) and the YouTube link will be displayed in a new message. If you add a GIF it will also look like a hyperlink.

- PDF: First, the answer text is shown (if it has one) and the link to the file in another message. When you click on the link, it opens, allowing you to download it.

- Carousel: Each image is sent in a separate message. The button that corresponds to each image must have the same link type, otherwise, it will not be displayed.

- Co-browsing: The answer text is displayed, and below it the message “click here” accompanied by the URL that opens in a new page.

- Iframe:  The answer text is displayed, and the URL that opens in a new page is shown in a new message.

- Transfer: The chats can be transferred to a human agent on Live or Genesys.

- WebView: First the answer text will be shown, and the URL, that will open in a new page when clicked, will be displayed in a new message.

- Emoji: It will respond to the emojis uploaded within the content. In the case that it is not uploaded as an intention, it responds with a Garbage evasive. You can download the emoji pack from our marketplace for free.

- Zendesk/Salesforce Form: Each field of the form will be displayed as a question and the user must write the answer (Call back form).

 Can the user attach files?

At the moment, if the user attaches images, gifs, or a PDF, the bot will respond that it only supports messages in text format.

Also, if a voice message is sent, the Bot will transcribe the message in text format and return an answer. In the Chat Report, the audios will be seen as text, this is why they cannot be quantified.

Important: It may happen that when sending audio, an error occurs that prevents that audio from being converted to text, it will be seen as a "Speech error".

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