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How is the content adapted for Voice?

Multimodal Communication

VOICE uses what is called Multimodal Communication, which is communication involving human modes such as voice or speech, gestures, movements, and other senses. The goal of multimodal communication is to make human-machine interaction more natural, but written content does not always fit into this type of communication.

- Defining the conversation flow should not be an afterthought; this represents the roadmap of what is possible and how users arrive at the service.

- Conversations with the bot should not be awkward or break speech patterns.

- The bot's content should fit the technical constraints.

Take advantage of the strengths that the conversation happens in a technological way.

Best practices for content adaptation

To adapt your virtual assistant's content, keep the following recommendations in mind:

- Use short, clear answers without leaving pauses. Keep messages short and relevant.

- If you use buttons for validation or selection, you should set up another response for this channel without buttons. Of the existing add-ons in the Agentbot platform, currently only the transfer is adapted to Voice. 

- Avoid asking questions whose answers are monosyllabic words. For example:

   * Are you Marcelo Pereira? Indicate Yes if it is correct, or No if it is incorrect.

   * Are you Marcelo Pereira? If yes, say Correct, otherwise, say Incorrect.

- If you add phone numbers, for example, you should add spaces or full stops so that it is not said all at once. For example: 

  * 08007772810 --> Voice will play it as 8 billion 7 million 772 thousand 810.

  * 0 800 777 28 10 --> It will be heard as zero eight hundred seven hundred seventy seventy seven twenty eight ten.

  * Another option is to write the numbers: zero eight hundred seven seven seven seven twenty eight ten.

- If there is a question in the answer, don't forget to put the question mark so that it is pronounced with the correct intonation.

- In this channel, phonetics is most important. Although a word may be perceived as mispronounced, it is better for pronunciation to write "Nico" than "Nikko".

- Do not use a full stop. Use semicolons for pauses and intonation in pronunciation.

- If you have forms, the content should be adapted with the help of the technical team.

- You can use indication messages in all cases where you consider it necessary. For example: "Please be brief in your inquiry", "Speak slowly", etc. 

- If you ask for data such as document number, phone number, serial numbers, or codes, it is important to consider that you will only identify numbers that include only digits, i.e. they should not be mixed with characters or words.

1. User Answer: "My document number is 33688434" --> It will not recognize the answer.

2. User's answer: "SZSC4242II202203969" --> It will not recognize the answer.

3. User Answer: "3 3 6 8 8 8 8 4 3 3 3 4" --> Yes, it will recognize the answer.

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