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How Live transfers work on Facebook Messenger?

If your content has intentions that direct to Live, you will notice that the transfer runs well on Facebook Messenger, i.e. it all happens within the same chat window, and the user is notified when the agent support starts and ends.

Support can be transferred to any of the groups available on Live. Choose to assign the conversation directly to a specific group, or to create an integration so users can select to which customer support group they want to be transferred.

The conversation history is kept so the human agent can have access to all the information regarding the interactions prior to the transfer. It is also possible to send and receive images and PDF files.

If there is a form available, the data used in the transfer will be required and will be sent together with the interactions that occurred before the agent took charge of the conversation.

Important: In Facebook Messenger, rather than displaying forms as embedded, they are displayed using callback format. This means that the bot will ask for "Name", for example, prompting the user to type in their name. Once the user has responded, the bot will as the user for the next question in the form, for example, "Surname". In other words, the bot asks for each piece of information one by one as the user answers each question.

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