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How to change the appearance the chat window

You can adjust the appearance of your window. To do this, go to Settings, then Channels, and select the channel you want to configure. There you will find Basic and Advanced settings.

Within the Basic settings you can define:

- Welcome message: you can write the exact message you want your bot to give when a conversation starts.

- Window title: located next to the brand image, you can indicate there that it is a Virtual Assistant, for example. 

- Brand image: allows you to add an image or logo to accompany the header. The maximum weight allowed is 1 mega and the format can be JPG, PNG or GIF.

- Avatar: allows you to enable or disable the avatar in the window. It is possible to incorporate an image in PNG, JPG or GIF format, with a maximum weight of 1 mega (read articles "Requirements to create a static avatar" and "Requirements to create a dynamic avatar").

- AgentBot Name: allows you to assign a name to your bot that will be displayed with every interaction.

- Color: allows you to select a color for the window. You can either enter the hex code or do it using the color picker.

- Close button: you can enable or disable the button to close the window. If you disable it, the window can only be minimized.

- Open button (CTA): you can enable or disable the CTA that opens the window.

- CTA options for Web and Mobile: Learn about these settings here.

Within advanced settings you can define:

- Emojipicker: enable or disable the selector, learn more here.

- Font size: select between small, medium, or large. To learn more, click here.

- Text box message: leave a message inviting your users to start a conversation with the bot. 

- Automatic opening: if you activate this option, when entering your channel the bot window will open automatically.

- Message alert: an audible alert will sound every time the bot sends a message.

- Autocomplete forms: if enabled, the bot will remember data previously entered in forms.

- GDPR: The request of consent to users to save their personal data is enabled. Learn more here.

On the right side of the screen you will have a preview of how your window looks with the changes you apply. Don't forget to save your changes.

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