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How to check the quality of my Whatsapp number?

From the Engage platform you can see the status of your whatsapp numbers registered to send messages.

Through the left side menu of Engage, you will see the list of your numbers arranged in a table, where the fields will be reflected:

Number: Each number you have registered will be listed.    

Quality: Category in which the number is in accordance with the dispositions expected by the Target, it can be:

High: Line in good condition.

Medium: You should pay attention to the way you are sending your messages to avoid that the quality drops further or that the line is blocked by Meta.

Low: Meta may temporarily block the thread because it was rated low quality based on the sending of the tweets you made. It is suggested to review the Opt In and Opt Out policy, avoiding becoming a spam for your users.

Unknown: If your number has no activity or is inactive, it will appear with this quality.

Message Limit: Shows the number of messages you can send within 24 hours according to the Tier you are in, according to Whatsapp's policies.    


Active: In operation.

Inactive: Line that is deactivated, not yet used or there is not enough information on the Meta, to be classified.

Last update: This is the date when the data was last updated. The update of the information occurs automatically when there are changes.


*Date of update: 13/09/2022

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