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How to configure a CTA

The Call to Action (CTA) is the button within the website that will start the chat session with the Virtual Assistant. Ideally, your CTA will catch the users' attention and be located in a visible place on the page, so it won't go unnoticed or get mixed up with the rest of your content.

To make settings on the CTA, go to Settings, then Channels, there select the channel you want, in Basic settings, you will see an exclusive section to work on your CTA. You can even have specific settings according to your channel, be it Web or Mobile.

What you can configure from the CTA section is:

- Open button: enables or disables the window open button or CTA.

- Location: allows you to configure the position of the CTA on the website or mobile. It is important to take into account the content and distribution of it in order to place the button in an easily visible place. The allowed positions are top left, center-top, top right, left-center, right center, bottom left, center-bottom, and bottom right.

- Style: There are three default styles and two options to make your CTA custom.

- Help icon.

- Chat icon.

- Image: allows GIF or images for the opening of the window (suggested size: 200x200 px).

- Custom: allows a programmable button with HTML code (maximum characters allowed: 500) and CSS (maximum characters allowed: 3000).

You can also add buttons to your CTA, learn more here.

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