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How to set up a satisfaction survey

From the side panel of Aivo Platform, under Settings go to the channel in which you want to view the survey, within the same channel you will find the option "Satisfaction". There you can configure the following:


  1. Question to ask the user: In this field you can place a question that invites the user to complete the survey. 

Important: maximum spacing for this field is 50 characters.

  1. Type of feedback: Here you can choose between four options:

  • Binary: Positive - Negative

  • Stars (up to 5)

  • NPS (0 to 10)

  • CSAT (1 to 5)

  1. Time in which the survey will be activated: By default, the time to activate the survey will be 1 hour. The minimum time allowed for configuration is 5 minutes and the maximum is 23 hours.

Important: The survey activation time applies only to asynchronous channels. 

  1. Open question: When enabled, the user can leave a detailed comment on the feedback given. The field can be supported by a title or a question that invites the user to complete that field.

Important: in asynchronous channels, the system asks the user if he wants to leave a comment so that they respond with a "Yes" or "No" and then the field is enabled.

  1. Include greeting at the end of the survey: You will be able to configure a thank you message and close the survey.

Important: in the Web channel it is optional to enable this field, in asynchronous channels it will always be enabled.

  1. Enable survey: By default when creating the channel, the survey will remain disabled. 

Learn how to evaluate the survey by clicking here.

Important: The color, brand, and avatar (if any) of your chat window will be applied to the survey. If the option to minimize the window is active, the survey will not be displayed, it can only be completed or closed.

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