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How to transfer from AgentBot to Zendesk Chat

Once you have integrated your chat service with AgentBot (see the article How to integrate with Zendesk Chat) all you need to do is define whether the transfers will be based on behavior (of the virtual assistant) or on specific questions defined by you. 

By default, the transfer will take place after 2 evasive answers, 2 items of negative feedback or 2 identical answers. As for transfers by answer, once you select the question to be transferred, edit the answer and select the “Transfer” tool. When it opens, it will show as many options as there are support channels in your Zendesk Chat. For example: sales, complaints, technical support, etc. Select the customer support group you want to transfer the conversation to and click “Save.”

Done! When a user asks the question you have defined, they will be transferred directly to your Zendesk Chat service.

Important: If you include a form before the transfer, it must be in call back format, as Zendesk only takes plain text. This will allow the Zendesk agent to see the form data in the chat history. 

What happens if the user refreshes the page during the transfer?

It is possible that the page in which the user is talking to a Zendesk human agent will be updated, either because he generates it himself, pressing F5 for example, he accesses some section of the site causing the update or that he closes the browser.

If this happens, the conversation with the agent will continue for 60 minutes, opening the window with the active session. If more than 60 minutes passed, the window will be opened but with the Virtual Assistant.

If within 60 minutes the conversation ends, either because the agent closes it or because of automatic closing, a button will be displayed indicating "Continue chatting with the agent" to continue with that action.

Important: if you press the button "Continue chatting with the agent", in the chat report will be marked as transferred only once since the second session does not previously pass through the bot because it’s accessed directly by the button.  

In the active session with the human agent, if the user clicks on the Back button, he will return to the window to speak with the Virtual Assistant, which means that the conversation with the Zendesk's agent is lost.

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