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Integration of Agentbot with mobile applications

It is possible to integrate AgentBot to mobile applications. There are two alternatives to do this. Your choice will depend on the resources your company has, the existing developments and the uses you want to give to the integration.



An API is a set of rules (code) and specifications that applications can follow to communicate with each other. They allow the use of existing functions in other software (or of the infrastructure in other platforms).

It is possible to create a messaging/chat system in your native application that uses the AgentBot API to interact with users regarding business questions.


The customer must develop his own messaging application using the AgentBot API to provide a response.


- You will have full control of the interface design and any modifications you wish to make.

- It allows interaction with the native application's internal resources (external to the chat).


- As it requires its own development, you must take into account that it consumes resources.

- Keep in mind the AgentBot add-ons if you want to use them (images, videos, maps, etc.).

- Pay close attention to the fact that the applications must be adapted to the operating systems where it will work, including the messaging/chat system developed.



WebView is the browser integrated into an application. It is not a web browser in itself, since it lacks navigation controls or the address bar. It simply displays the responsive window of AgentBot.


The client simply needs to include a WebView element in the desired layout and load into the URL that the AgentBot delivers. There is no need to develop any messaging application as it uses the AgentBot's window.


- Adapts to all devices.

- Its implementation is quick and easy.

- It demands little development effort.

- Has full use of AgentBot's add-ons.

- If the chat interface has any modifications it is applied in real time, without the need to download updates.


- The interaction between the chat and the application's internal resources can become quite complex.

- Interface design management depends on the AgentBot.

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