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WhatsApp pricing changes as of February 1, 2022 

As of February 1, 2022, WhatsApp established a new pricing model globally for its WhatsApp Business API. 

This means that WhatsApp leaves behind its model of charging per notification or message template sent, to start charging per conversation initiated. 

How does WhatsApp's new pricing model work?  

The keys to the new model are: 

Charging per 24-hr conversations. 

Charges will be per 24-hour conversation session. A session starts when the company sends the first message, whether it is a reply to a previous message from the customer or a template message sent by the company. The session ends 24 hours after the delivery of the first message from the company. 

Two rates 

There are two ways to start a conversation in WhatsApp Business: 

Company-initiated conversation: these values are approximate to the list price of the previous notification rates. 

User-initiated conversation: these rates will be lower than company-initiated conversations, to make it affordable for businesses to maintain an always-on presence on WhatsApp.

Conversations will be paid as a surplus to Aivo's price. As provided by WhatsApp, their rates vary depending on (a) the receiving country, (b) whether they are business-initiated or user-initiated.

Aivo margin cost: 

USD 0.01 per message template sent.

- Conversations free of charge from WhatsApp

- The first 1000 monthly conversations. WhatsApp will start charging for them once the company exceeds that value

Conversations initiated from Facebook and Instagram ads or from the Facebook action button

See more details about prices in this link: Access WhatsApp prices.

Have a question? Click here and select the "Ask Us" option to contact Aivo support or send an email to

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