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Opt in for WhatsApp

Opt-in is a specific, effective and ethical approach to Inbound Marketing in which a digital marketer requests permission from a client or a potential customer to send information about a brand. 

This allows the creation of a quick and easy registration base, and helps adapt promotional content to subscribers' interests. It increases the opening rate and makes it easier to follow a customer's journey.

With the launch of WhatsApp Business API, many companies have begun using WhatsApp messages in their automation flows. However, the end user must authorize the company to send these messages. πŸ˜‰ 

WhatsApp Business API is the official and authorized way for companies to send messages to people using automation features.

It is very important to assure customers that they do not receive spam through the application and that the primary goal of offering WhatsApp as a communication channel is to provide a faster and easier shopping experience and support.

⚠ Facebook monitors all WhatsApp account quality signs, so be aware of the rules that are in place to gain user acceptance. 

Below are some of the rules required for a proper subscription:

βœ… WhatsApp users must fill out a form or clearly inform the company that they are authorized to send messages through WhatsApp.

βœ… If a person sends a message to a company's WhatsApp number, the company cannot assume that the person is permitted to receive notifications through this channel.

βœ… Acceptance must be done actively by the user. That is, the user must fill out a form or inform their acceptance for that purpose with their phone number. Examples of this are: either the user marks a confirmation box on a website, or by email, he/she can accept via SMS, QR code, among others. 

βœ… The user must be in control to be able to inform on which phone he wishes to receive the notifications. Therefore, the phone field must be present on the WhatsApp subscription form, or the user must be able to inform on which number WhatsApp wants to receive notifications if not informed via form.

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