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Requirements to create a dynamic avatar

To add a dynamic (moving) Avatar on AgentBot, the provider will be asked for the following:

Long animations (Up to 3 seconds at most):

Animation #1: Greeting.

Use: To start or end the conversation (by default or triggered by a user greeting).

To say goodbye to a user and transfer to a human (end of virtual assistance).

Description: Typical wave.

EXAMPLE: Click here

Animation #2: Affirmative/Positive/Joy.

Use: Positive reaction to a detailed question/comment.

Description: Head nod (optional: thumbs-up or wink).

EXAMPLE: Click here

Animation #3: Angry/Annoyed.

Use: Reaction to aggressive/negative comments.

Description: Head shake (optional: frown, crossed arms or hands on hips).

EXAMPLE: Click here

Animation #4: Doubt.

Use: To indicate that there is no answer available, or to ask the user to either reformulate the question or select another option.

Description: Shrugged shoulders and gesturing with the mouth to signal “I’m sorry, but I don’t understand or I don’t have an answer.”

EXAMPLE: Click here

Short animations (up to 2 seconds):

Animation #5: Waiting 

EXAMPLE 1: Click here

EXAMPLE 2: Click here

Use: Idle moments, while clients are typing their question, and to shift from one pose to another.

Description: Very subtle movements, such as a slight movement of the shoulders upwards, like breathing, or sideways movement of the neck, a smile, etc. All with blinking.

Delivery requirements:

Deliver all originals as specified below:

- Static images: 3 Full-body images (preferably) with different poses, in PNG format.

- Animations:

1. Format: MP4.

2. Dimensions (no part of any animation can have a different size, or otherwise it will fall outside of the frame and not be visible):

     a. 1920 x 642 px

     b. 320 x 100 px (for the chat window, should not exceed 150 K)

3. Link: All animations have to begin and end in the same position, so they do not need transitions (reproductions are not sequential, they may go out of order).

4. Background: Animations should be delivered with the customer’s desired background.

You can only have one animation per feeling. Therefore you can set up 2 different animations for the same feeling. 

Examples in use:







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