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What are the limitations of the AgentBot + Zendesk integration?

By connecting AgentBot + Zendesk, your Zendesk chat window will feature all the knowledge previously imported or uploaded to the bot. However, one of the limitations of this integration is that you won't be able to apply all the tools available with AgentBot to your content.

Answers can only be “text” 

- Formatted text is not supported, in other words, you can’t use bold, italic, emoji, images, etc. Plain text only.

- You can not create Hyperlinks (if you add links to your answers they will be written out in full and they will not be clickable).

The 2 complements compatible with both solutions are:

- Transfer (to a human chat)

- Buttons (“Message” type only).

To see what both of these tools are about and how they are used, read the following articles:

How does the Transfer tool work?

What are Buttons for?

How can I upload Buttons?

You are unable to create extra web channels and conditions with this type of integration as they are features that connect to our chat window in order to condition the answers for certain customers. 

If you think there are too many limitations for this integration, don’t worry! We have another integration with Zendesk which uses our chat window and connects it with Zendesk Chat all within the same window, read this article to find out more:

How do I integrate with Zendesk Chat?

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