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What are the messaging API limitations?

If you want to implement other channels where Aivo has no integration with and only need the bot talk engine, you can use the message API. For example, if you wish to use the bot in an App without the chat window opening, but you want the bot to be embedded as if it were part of the application, you can use the API, you can use the API.

To do so, take into consideration the following points:

- Add-ons: Add-ons must be fully developed. Aivo will only provide the information in JSON.

Important: With the Cobrowsing add-on it will not be possible to keep the chat history when redirecting to another page unless you develop that implementation.

- Integration: If you already have any integration and decide to continue through the API, no adjustments are required. If the integration contains complements (carousel, buttons, etc.) it is necessary to validate its operation and adapt it to the provider used. Meaning, it will depend on the channel where it is used and the scope of the complements in it. 

- Forms: you will have to develop their structure, even if the channel adapts them for any given call back to work correctly. 

- Analytics: if you have the API when analyzing the channels implemented with it, you must apply it to the "Public Api" channel filter.

Important: If you connect more than one channel through the API, all will be analyzed under the specified filter ("Public API"), you cannot distinguish them.  

- Through the API, you can send the data you want within the "user" parameter and you'll be able to use it in integrations or see it within Chat Reports, for example.

Important: If the API is used, Aivo will provide support for the tool where the integration is made, since they are platforms of which we have no knowledge. 

Keep in mind that this kind of practice requires a team of developers thanks to the level of complexity.

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