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What information can be analyzed in Dashboard?

The Dashboard shows you the most important statistics in real time. Here you can see summary information about your support, such as the number of sessions, feedback percentage, and SLA results.

You will find the following information in the Dashboard:

- Filters: allows you to filter your information by specific dates, channels, groups, etc. See the article, "Live Dashboard Filters".

- Sessions: Total number of conversations during the filtered period (attended + missed),

- Attended: Number of conversations assigned to the filtered agent or group. 

- Lost: Number of conversations abandoned by customers or removed from the queue by the system after not being assigned to an agent after 24 hours.

- Transferred: Total number of conversations transferred between groups or from the filtered group to others. 

- Session graph: This line graph shows, in real time, the total number of conversations, closed, transferred and lost. 

- Time graph: This line graph shows, in real time, the total time, average time and waiting time for each conversation.

Note: The graphs can be hidden.

- Sessions on hold: Shows the number of conversations that are on hold.

- Session Time: Shows the main times for the sessions.

- Waiting time: In this section, you can see the average waiting time for customers.

- Users: Shows the number of users that are unique or recurring.

- Feedback: Shows the amount of feedback in a graphical format.

- SLA per group: Shows the difference, positive or negative, between the Service Level Agreement (SLA) established in the groups.

Important: The information in the Dashboard is updated in real time. At the end of the day, you will see all the information so far.


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