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What is the difference between Zendesk Chat and Zendesk Chat Script?

If you use Zendesk Chat as a form of customer service, you can integrate it with AgentBot to automate responses and thus reduce transfer to human agents.

Before starting the procedure, make sure you have a Zendesk Enterprise account. Then, in the Aivo platform, go to the Integrations menu. It is possible to integrate it in two ways:

- Zendesk Chat: in this option, you will have the Zendesk window, this window will be shown to the user when he clicks on the CTA. Behind, Aivo's virtual assistant will answer the questions. This has some limitations in the use of formatting and add-ons.

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- Zendesk Chat Script (Zopim): through this integration, you can use our chat window and connect to Zendesk Chat, within the same window. In other words, the user maintains the conversation experience with the bot and the functions available on the platform, but if he needs a human, he moves to Zendesk's chat environment.

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