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¿What is the Satisfaction Score?

The Satisfaction Score is a new report available in the Satisfaction section of Analytics that is calculated for the binary, CSAT, star and NPS survey types. 👌 

Why is it important? The Satisfaction Score focuses attention on what really matters: listening to customers. The valuable information your customers share with you in satisfaction surveys is key to personalizing care and providing better service. Take advantage of that. 

💡 No matter how innovative a technology is, if the answers you offer are not what the customer needs or wants to hear, it will negatively impact the experience. 

That's why this report shows in a clear and practical way what intentions that most punish the experience of your customers. It offers clear actions to improve it and reduce the friction in the digital attention channels. 

In this report you will be able to analyze concrete metrics about the opinion of customers where you can rely to improve the customer experience. Each intention will have its own Satisfaction Score. From the table you will be able to enter directly into each intention, evaluate its content and edit it easily.   

The goal is to detect the intentions with the highest negative score in order to optimize the bot content or identify any problems in the operation to provide a better experience for your customers. 😁 

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