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What to keep in mind when enabling the Satisfaction Survey

If you decide that your users will access the Satisfaction Survey, you should take into account the following points:

- If users do not interact with the bot, the survey will not be activated when the window is closed (only the session will be closed).

- If when the survey is activated they do not take a vote or do not press the send button, it will be saved in the same way with the data that has been selected before closing the window. 

- If the open question is activated when the survey is set up, the user can optionally send an additional comment to the survey. If not, the user will only be able to select a score which will be sent automatically, finally the thank you message will be shown (if configured).

- The user can select a value, then change their mind and choose another. If this happens in Analytics the last selected score will be posted. 

- If the "thank you" message is active, it will be seen after the survey is sent. If it is not active, after sending the survey, the session and the window will be closed automatically.

- The survey is sent after the session ends, so if users send a message after the satisfaction survey has been sent, this question will be taken as a survey rating, this is because a feedback response is expected and the regex looks for ratings in the text.

- For example, if someone sends as a response to the survey "I thought the service was a 10" or "I thought the service was a ten" (which is the response that the feedback supports). Another example would be the case of sending "-5" here it is considered 5 because it is the valid rating found in the input.

Important: on asynchronous channels the “thank you” message cannot be disabled. 

- If the survey is activated for the user and they do any of these actions on a Web channel: 

Refresh the screen

Change section or page on the site

Here's what's going to happen:

  1. If the session has not expired, then when the window loads the survey will be displayed.
  2. If the session has ended, for example after 5 minutes of inactivity, the window will open without the survey request.

- The survey will not run if the conversation ends with a human agent.

If the user ends the conversation with the human agent, and interacts with the Virtual Assistant again, once the window is closed the survey will be shown. 

- One survey type is supported for each channel, it is not possible to have different surveys in the same window. 

- It is not possible to configure surveys by conditions. 

- In the Channel Manager (settings), the survey is disabled by default.

Learn how to configure the survey by clicking here.

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