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Which messages are configurable?

Within AgentBot there are messages that are sent automatically according to specific situations, and messages that are created to respond to evasives

To configure one of these messages, you must access the 'Messages' field located in the 'Settings' section. 


Then two columns will be displayed: General and Evasives.


1 - General

- Feedback message per interaction: Is the feedback request message to the agent that answered the query.     

- Feedback Acknowledgement: Is the message sent right after the feedback.

- Message for the automatic suggestions: Is an automatic message sent with the suggestions. They appear when the Virtual Assistant is not sure about the user's query and suggests similar intentions.

- Checking Connection: If the user has connection problems he is asked to check the connection. 

- Window closing text (chat): Indicates that the conversation will be closed after the user closes the window. 

- Window closing title (chat): It asks the user if he really wants to end the service with the virtual assistant.

- Connection problems: If the user still has the same situation, it is confirmed that he has a connection problem.

- Connection error: The user is notified that the transfer to the agent did not take place due to connection problems.

- Satisfaction message on asynchronous channels: These messages will be displayed between 5 minutes to 23h right after the user's inactivity through the asynchronous channels. For this, you need to configure the action through the Settings > Channels > Satisfaction section. 

- LGPD: This field allows you to change the link related to the privacy policies available in the GDPR message. 

- GDPR: This field allows you to change the GDPR message. 

- Wrong format: This message will be displayed when the user tries to send a message written only with special characters. 

๐Ÿ‘‰ Important: Message changes may take a few minutes to be reflected.

2 - Evasives 

In the 'Evasives' column you can see the evasive messages registered to answer users when the virtual assistant has not yet learned about a certain content. 



๐Ÿ’ก Read more about evasive messages through the following articles: 

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*Date Updated: 11/24/2022

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