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Which messages can I edit?

 Within AgentBot, there are messages that are sent automatically in specific situations. These can be edited in the "Messages" tab of the "Settings" section. The messages can be identified as: 

1. General: These apply to AgentBot and Live and are:

- Check connection: If the user is having connection problems, they will be prompted to check their connection.

- Connection problem: If the user is still having this problem, he will receive a message confirming the connection problem.

- Connection error: The user will receive a message explaining that the transfer could not take place due to connection problems.

2. AgentBot: The messages that can be edited for the AgentBot:

- Interaction feedback

- Thank you feedback

- Suggestion message - The automatic message sent with suggestions. When the virtual assistant is not sure exactly what the user is asking and therefore suggests intentions that it thinks are related to the user's question. 

3. Live: The messages that can be edited for Live:

- Support message - The message sent when the user has been an agent.

- Message that the conversation has ended

- Feedback on support - The message asking for feedback on the conversation with the agent.

- Feedback was received - The message sent after feedback has been given.

- Message when no representative is available

- Transfer to a group/representative

It is also possible to add the conversation ID and the agent's name. This can be done by adding the following tags to the replies: {conversationId} and {agentName}

To edit these you must click on the blue pencil icon on the right hand side of the item you want to edit.

Important: You can edit the message as many times as you like, but it cannot be deleted.


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