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Why is it important to create Ways to Ask?

The success of your virtual assistant’s performance depends on providing all the tools the bot requires to understand your customers.

If an intention does not contain Ways to Ask, the bot will only understand it if it is written in that exact way or using the synonyms (each word contains synonyms within it). This is why it is necessary to upload many Ways to Ask for your content.

We suggest you try uploading at least 8 Ways to Ask for each intention. This will help the bot understand the query in different contexts and written in different ways. Although some content is more specific than others and options may vary, it is important that you try to create as many Ways to Ask as possible for each intention.

The following tips may help you:

- Reverse the order of the required words: The tool does not perform this automatically, so it is important that we do it. This will ensure that the bot will understand the customer’s intention regardless of the order of the required words.

For example:

Intention: What are the payment methods available?

Way to Ask: What are the available payment methods?

Way to Ask 2: What are the methods of payment available?

- Keep the answer in mind: The answer we provide the customer may help us find other Ways to Ask related to the initial intention.

- Check the Training and chats section: In the training section, you will see all the queries the bot was not able to resolve. The answer your customers are looking for may be in your content, but with a different Way to Ask. You can add them to your intention directly from there. Reading the chats will also help you better understand how your customers talk and interact with your bot.

- Think like a customer: Nobody knows your customers and the way they think and communicate better than you. Put yourself in their shoes and try to consider how they might ask about a certain topic.

For example:

Intention: How can I recover my password?

Way to Ask 1: I forgot my passcode.

Way to Ask 2: How can I get my code?

Way to Ask 3: I need to reset my password.

Way to Ask 4: My password is blocked, what can I do?

Way to Ask 5: I need to create a new passcode.

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