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Window restyling

The virtual assistant’s webchat window has a new look! We redesigned its aesthetics to improve usability and offer a modern, updated, and efficient customer service experience, while also boosting engagement and conversions on your website.  

Learn more about each of the changes 👇 

* Fonts adapt better to different browsers and devices to facilitate reading

* 320x500 window with more space for conversations 

* Cleaner and simpler message bubbles to better differentiate between the bot’s and client’s messages. Bot’s name only shows up in the first interaction.  

* The bot’s icon in the conversation will always be above the message.   

* Buttons are more visible and you can choose to add a main button and then, secondary ones. 

* Forms with more contrast to make entry of information easier. 

* The length of the FAQ window adapts to the number of selected intentions. Also, you can close it and reopen it whenever you need to!  

* Satisfaction surveys have a new look to enhance your customers' ratings and suggestions so you have more information to make better decisions about the experience.

* All quick replies buttons will be visible in the window, to avoid the customer having to scroll horizontally.

Here is a video so you can see all the changes!😎  

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