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Zendesk and AgentBot

What can I do with Zendesk integration?

With our native integrations, you can associate or connect AgentBot with the Zendesk service of your choice: Zendesk Guide, Zendesk Support or Zendesk Chat

If you have doubts about which integrations are possible, see the following article

To see how AgentBot connects to the Zendesk account, click here: How can I connect my Zendesk Chat window with AgentBot?

undefinedYou can integrate AgentBot with Zendesk Guide to import information to your bot, saving efforts and resources. Just import the Zendesk content and you will have your knowledge base ready to operate inside your Virtual Assistant.

Please note the following points when connecting to the bot with your Zendesk Guide account:

   - This service is only compatible with Zendesk and Zopim accounts. 

   - The integration cannot be done with Zendesk Sandbox due to the limitations of this type of product. 

   - Check the IP restrictions in Zendesk, as this can cause blocks for importing content.

   - It is not possible to cancel the import process once started. 

Important: If you add new knowledge to Zendesk Guide, you will have to import it again, since the Aivo platform and Zendesk Guide are not synchronized.

undefinedYou can speed up the support you provide to your users by adding Zendesk forms to your Virtual Assistant's answers. You can:

   - Create tickets automatically: for example, a Support ticket in a bot intention that you can later visualize in Zendesk's account. 

Important: The intention inside your Virtual Assistant must have a complement that contains the Zendesk form.


   - Provide your customers with a tracking code so they can check the status of their query at any time.

Learn more in the following article: How do I integrate with Zendesk Support?

undefinedIntegrating Zendesk Chat with your bot will allow you to resolve queries from your users automatically and, when necessary, transfer the session to an agent. 

If you want to use Zendesk's human chat, you have two types of integrations on the Aivo platform:

   - Zendesk Chat: This integration allows you to visualize the content of AgentBot in the Zendesk window. 

   - Zendesk Chat Script: This integration allows you to transfer conversations from AgentBot to Zendesk but in the Aivo window. 

You can also choose the derivation rules: 

What are the types of transfers?

How do I integrate with Zendesk Chat?

How do I make transfers from AgentBot to Zendesk Chat?

Important: you can only use one type of Zendesk Chat integration at a time, as they are not compatible.

1. Zendesk Chat

First you must integrate Zendesk Chat from the Aivo platform. Click on the Integrations section, in the left panel of the screen, and choose the option "Zendesk Chat".

If you use the Zendesk Chat option, the integration will happen in the Zendesk window. 


To successfully connect Zendesk Chat and AgentBot please note the following:

   - It only works on the Web (it doesn't work on Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp).

   - You will need an Enterprise account at Zendesk.

   - You must make the connection only once. 

   - You must have a single agent as administrator (who has no other role) in Zendesk.

   - The Zendesk account with which the integration is generated must have the service department(s) configured in Zendesk. 

   - Be sure to transfer the chat session to the corresponding department. How do I transfer a chat to the appropriate Zendesk department?

Important: if you have not configured the Departments in Zendesk, the transfer will not be carried out.


Limitations of Zendesk Chat

If you use the Zendesk window you must take into account the following limitations:

   - It works only in web channel. It does not support Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp.

   - You can only use plain text, i.e. no bold no italics, no emojis, no images, etc. 

   - Hyperlinks cannot be created.

   - You cannot create additional conditions or web channels. 

   - Only two complements are compatible: Transfer (to a human chat) and buttons (only "Message" type).

You can see more information in the following article: What are the limitations of AgentBot + Zendesk integration? 


2. Zendesk Chat Script

Important: the adaptation of the Zendesk Chat Script window is subject to changes made by Zendesk.

When connecting to Zendesk Chat Script please note the following:

   - Check that the Script versions are compatible with the ones mentioned in this article

   - The user will be able to have control to talk again with the Virtual Assistant from the Back button. Learn more in the following article

   - You can see the following article about the scope of this integration: Scope of the integration with Zendesk Chat Script.

Limitations of Zendesk Chat Script

If you derive Zendesk from the Aivo window, you must take into account the following limitations:

Script versions must be compatible with Zendesk. Look at the following article: How do I get the Zendesk Chat Script to integrate to AgentBot?

The Zendesk Script header cannot be visualized.

If the page is refreshed, it will not be transferred again.

If you make any changes to the integration settings, you must remove the existing one and re-create it. 

If you have made changes to the integration configuration, for example a change in the Zendesk name, in the user or in the configurations, you must remove the existing one and re-create it. You can request it at:

Important: Zendesk can make modifications, without prior notice or notification, in any component of your window which may affect the derivation.

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